Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Observation on Driving in India

I think I've finally figured out the road rules in India. It took me awhile but I think I've got it. The right of way is given to the larger vehicle: a car yields to a bus, a rickshaw yields to a car, a bicycle yields to a rickshaw etc. The aforementioned rule is completely moot if a vehicle of any size is able to cut off or overtake any other vehicle and thus create their own lane of traffic. A cow and/or stray dog would have the right of way above all others. A pedestrian would never have the right of way. Ever. The car horn should be used randomly and often: it merely lets others know you are awake and still proceeding to your destination. A note on crossing the street: it's not advisable to "look both ways" as we were taught as children. I actually stopped doing this 3 days ago. Instead, find a local heading in your direction. Approach the local from behind, to the point where you are actually breathing on their neck (in my case I'm actually breathing on their head as they tend to be shorter than me). When they move, you move. If you can't follow this rule, you'll probably never be able to cross and forced to only see sights on your respective side of the street.

Even though I understand these rules, I'm still not ready to rent a car in India.


  1. t so made me laugh out loud...very funny. I keep calling your room but no answer. I got your note. If you get a chance please pop by.


  2. Really, you must have an accompanying picture and/or video to go with this post! Those who've never been could never understand!

    1. great idea bernadette! I'll take a video today.

  3. This is great and not only funny but real!

  4. /You crack me up, I got 3 weeks yet i have to wait until I go and start my process. I cant wait have fun guys and take cre.

  5. I've never been to India but I watch "Amazing Race" and your description is pretty much exactly what I've seen on TV.

  6. This is hilarious! I have the complete picture painted in my head based on your description. :)

  7. This is so true. You take your life everytime you cross the road in Delhi. They need to sell the tee shirts to tourists in Delhi - "I crossed the road in Delhi and lived !"
    Andrew is thinking of starting a business to India exporting to them different air horns for their vehicles! I think the horns are an extension of the Indian male appendage!
    Hope you guys are nearly home but I think you are still in transit. We are still recovering after not sleeping for 20 something hours. But our flight home confirmed we will not fly anyone but Singapore airlines - they are so good as Andrew's back was giving him hell so they gave him 4 seats to himself so he could lie down. Yay for Singapore Airlines.


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