Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meeting the Famous Dr. S

Today was a big day. My first appointment at SCI went well. We met Dr. S and she answered all my questions and gave us a tour of the facility. I'm now comfortable my $ isn't going to some unmarked house on some side street in Delhi! She's got some operation - I was impressed. We met accountants, lawyers, etc. and even caught a glimpse of a few surrogates. She even told me she's expecting our donor to give us a large number of eggs! I know this is only the first step but I'll celebrate where I can! Seems like Monday will be collection day so we should know for sure then. Next up is choosing the surrogate but I think we're gonna leave that to the Dr.

We are having a great time meeting other IPs here at the hotel. Last night we had a great dinner with fellow bloggers from "New Year Dreaming." It was also a pleasure to meet Preet and her husband for breakfast. It's kinda cool being with other people who are going through the same thing. I hope we're all together here at the Svelte in 9 months.

Tomorrow's agenda includes a full day of sightseeing in Delhi.


  1. So pleased it went so well today guys. Does it feel real yet? Babydust for all of us

  2. We left it up to Dr. Shivani to choose our surrogates and here we are! There are so many medical considerations that go into whether a successful implantation will result, so it was our feeling that she she'd be the best to decide. That being said, she may tell you that several look good and you could still choose amongst those. Good luck!

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  3. Best wishes with collection Monday. We left our surrogate selection to Dr S as well - just felt she the expert at these things and I would constantly be second guessing myself if I picked one and it did not work. Best wishes K

  4. If I can tell you anything it's celebrate every chance you get! Large number of eggs -- YAY!!!! Collection day -- YAY!!!!! ;-) There may be some bumps in the road but that's part of the journey. GOOD LUCK and can't wait find out how things are coming along. Enjoy Delhi!

  5. Hi Guys

    If you get time get my number from reception and give me a call. Would be great to catch up in person and would love to hear about your trip to Jaipur. Really pleased that things are on track thus far. Wishing you all the best for Monday.

    Also I wanted to thank you for all your wonderful and supportive comments on my blog.

  6. Good luck with the egg donation. It's Easter today. That's got to bring you some extra luck with eggs, right?


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