Saturday, June 23, 2012

Is this really happening?

The 1st trimester is officially behind us! I'm still trying to comprehend that this is all really happening. Twins... fatherhood... It seems like yesterday we were talking about how this would play out. Should we really go to India? Do you think we'll get pregnant on the first try? What if, what if, what if... When I saw these scans this morning, it all seems a little surreal. There are two real, live babies in there! Amazing!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Random Advice

I have yet to tell anyone in my family what Ruben and I were really up to in India. For many reasons, I have felt more comfortable talking to random strangers about our impending baby plans. The old lady in the grocery store, the mother with 4 kids riding the train, and acquaintances at work that I will probably never see again have all heard my story. It's not that my family won't be excited for us, I guess I'm just prolonging the inevitable but I digress...

Today I made my semi-annual visit to the dentist. The dentist's receptionist (another random person to know my story) was more than thrilled to know we are expecting, as she recently had a child herself. "You're not going to give them breast milk?" she shockingly asked. "Well since neither Ruben nor I will be lactating..." She goes into an entire spiel about how we are doing a disservice to our babies by not signing up at a breast milk bank and using donated breast milk. To be honest, I've never contemplated or even heard of such a thing. I'm sure kids that have taken formula as babies have grown up to be something other than circus clowns and mimes. She then declares, "I would give you mine but I'm not eating healthy at the moment." Uh... thanks that's very nice of you?!?! 

I've read the reports about how "superior" breast milk is for the baby. I know what the doctors say. It just never crossed my mind that anything other than formula is an option. According to the receptionist, babies taking breast milk "have an exceptionally higher IQ." Ok.... I just wanted to pay my co-pay and leave but it went on and on and on.

By the time I left, she had me feeling like the next Joan Crawford if I give my children formula.

I'm sure Joan Crawford gave Tina formula.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

8 weeks and counting... So Far, So Good

Time is slowly creeping on. The latest scan has come with not much fanfare from SCI. In summary - all is normal with your two little beans, talk to you in 2 more weeks! That sounds good to me - I'll take that!

The last few weeks have crept by as we've been working like mad. I've spent my days off finishing and starting new projects around the house that I've been meaning to complete. I think I need to get myself in check though... will my newborn(s) be terribly disappointed in me as a father if I don't finish that koi pond in the backyard I've been putting off? Maybe not... I'll leave that for later. On to the next project. Today I'm channeling my inner Martha Stewart as I go to the paint store to choose paint for the dining room...

In a little less than two weeks, we'll have completed 10 weeks... time is starting to speed up.

Making a wish (hint - it had something to do with babies!) in Punta del Este, Uruguay.