Monday, October 22, 2012

My Big Day in Court

Today was my first time ever in a courtroom. I have to admit, I was a little nervous. Granted, this isn't the trial of the century or the O.J. Simpson case, but it's important to me. Today I'm officially getting my name changed.

My lawyer briefed me before our appearance before the judge. "Is she going to ask me why I'm doing this and what should I really tell her," I asked my lawyer. "Just be honest. I know this judge and I don't think she's one of those conservatives who'll give us any problems," my lawyer told me. "I've never had a petition like this denied."

We marched into the huge courtroom. The only people there were my lawyer, myself, the judge and the bailiff. "So, Mr. Lindsay, why are you changing your name," the judge asks. "Well your honor, my partner and I are expecting twins in a few weeks. We decided that we would like our children to carry his surname," I told her, hoping that would be sufficient. "And why is that?" she smilingly asked. I didn't really want to go into too many details about India, surrogacy, the fact that Americans get confused by hyphenated last names, or that if we kept our separate names one of us would forever be the "real" father in the minds of many.  "I wanted both my partner and myself to give something equally important to our children. I've already contributed their DNA. Now I would like my partner to contribute his last name. Both are gifts from each of us that they can carry throughout their lives." With that she smiled, granted the name change and wished me luck.

Now if I can just get used to being called Mr. Guzman.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

And the Baby Shopping Spree Continues

I'm not really a big spender. Actually, I get no intrinsic joy out of shopping whatsoever. I suppose that's one way of saying it... Ruben would just call me a tightwad. I'm not sure what happened, but today I let down my guard. We've needed a new car for awhile now. I drive a truck and Ruben has a motorcycle - neither of which will comfortably fit 2 adults and 2 car seats. We bit the bullet and bought a small station wagon/hatchback. I think this means I'm officially old - I drive a station wagon. There's no going back now... I'm destined to be a "soccer mom" and not the distinguished middle-aged man driving a convertible Porsche as I had envisioned myself!

Hopefully the kids won't be too embarrassed by it one day. I remember when I was a child, I hated my mother's station wagon - the one with the wood paneling on the side. They'll probably look back on this car one day, as I look back on the car my parents had when I was young. We called it "The Green Monster."

Saturday, October 13, 2012

28 Weeks and Counting...

Today we finally received the 28 week scans. So far, so good. The gestational age of Twin I is approximately 27 weeks 6 days, while Twin II is coming in at 29 weeks, 1 day. Looks like #2 is starting to overtake #1. The scans were a little disappointing again. I don't know, maybe I want to see something along the lines of a little Gerber baby in there but all we're getting are head shots (I think that's what that is anyway)!!!

Time is starting to speed up very quickly and I'm starting to freak out (in a good way - kinda!). I've been making to-do lists for my to-do lists. So far, flights are booked. We're scheduled to go over on Air India from JFK to Delhi on Dec. 14. For the flight back home, we're booked on Swiss Air from Delhi to Zurich to Miami on January 10 (my birthday!). The Marriott in Gurgaon is booked for our stay. Yesterday I contacted Chromosomal Labs to discuss getting the DNA kits and have them sent to the embassy. In other exciting news, the nursery is just about complete! Pics to come...  I'm taking next week off just to get myself together and cross off a few more things on my list.