Thursday, April 12, 2012

Explaining India

Many people have asked me about my trip to India. Since I haven't told anyone about the true reason of our trip, most think we were on another exotic vacation. I've had quite a difficult time explaining the complexities and contradictions of India: the feelings of love/hate and beauty/disgust, along with a little culture shock. For some reason, when most people hear vacation, they automatically think of Cancun and margaritas. I've tried explaining that this trip wasn't like that at all; it was more of an experience. My sister, a self anointed princess, called last night to inquire about my trip. "I know exactly what you mean [about the culture shock]. The last time we were in the south of France I had a complete meltdown because there weren't any hand towels in the bathroom." Really? I was stepping over dead dogs on the sidewalk in Old Delhi but if you can somehow find a comparison with the south of France... ok. I think from now on, I'm just going to tell people my trip was "Great."

 I'm expecting an email from Dr. S at any time now to confirm embryo transfer.

The Princess Diana bench at the Taj Mahal


  1. I think there is no explaining India. You have to go there. People tried to prepare us before we went and man, nothing they said could do the experience justice. Your sister sounds hilarious :-)

    Great photo and thinking good thoughts for you guys!

  2. People kept assuming we were on a mission trip!! We were on a mission all right, a baby making are are so right, though...there is no explaining have to experience it...

  3. I can't wait to see everything in two weeks. Can't wait to meet dr S ad her team

  4. My coworkers hugged me goodbye when I left for my two-week trip to India. They never did that when I left for Spain...

    From your remarks, I think you'll find that you miss it when you get home. We did.

  5. Good luck on the transfer!

  6. Hope you guys get some good news soon

  7. When the real reason for our "holiday" to India was known only to few, on response to the question of how our trip was, I always answered the same "remarkably interesting". I think that summed up the good and bad! After collecting our babies James & Ivy just recently, I would like to return to India in the future, for sentimental reasons. Strange eh. Fingers crossed for good news for you guys.

  8. Hey Ryan and Ruben

    Cant wait to hear your transfer news. Hope it goes well. The mother in law is being good and seemed happy for us after we simply told her the transfers have been made and we will hear in 2 weeks. Let's hope she has turned the corner. I cracked up reading the comment that your sister made about culture shock......yes she has no idea whatsoever....just wait to you tell her baby news.......take care of yourselves. I want to go koala shopping soon for you guys!

  9. The South of France? Really?? OMG that is funny!! She should try one of the rest stops along the way to Agra if she has to hand towels would be the least of her worries!! So funny!!
    Praying for a positive for you!!! Keep us updated!

    1. Now that is truly hilarious! I can't get that picture out of my head - my sister using the "public toilets" on the side of the road in India!

  10. This post completely cracked me up.

    I was very fortunate before traveling to India my first time as I had some friends that had traveled extensively throughout India. One of them loaned me some books and that prepared me somewhat, but still, it can be somewhat of a culture shock for Westerners.
    And as soon as you figure out something, you go to a different place in India and everything is completely different.


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