Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Leaving Jaipur

We've had quite the week here in Jaipur. What can I say about India? Well... It's certainly the most complex country I've ever visited. Before I left home, someone told me, "either you're gonna love it, or you're gonna hate it." Honestly, for me that's not been true. I'm somewhere in between. For me, India has been beautiful, vile, happy and miserable all at the same time. It's so hard to describe. I'm enjoying learning what I can about the country, but somehow I feel like it won't be enough. I'll never truly grasp it.

One thing that has been a little funny is watching people try to figure out why 2 middle aged men are traveling together alone. At our hotel here in Jaipur, the owner insisted on having 2 comforters placed on our bed, creating a distinct separation for us. At dinner, we've been asked 2 or 3 times about our "wives." So today while riding an elephant through the desert, I came up with my comeback. Next time this happens, I will tell them that "No, I'm not married. Actually my wife died. Tragic accident. The investigation is ongoing but I can assure you I'm innocent." That should quiet them down for awhile.

Next stop... Delhi.


  1. Ha! I read on IndiaMike.com that you begin enjoying a trip to India three weeks after you get home. As hot, sweaty and assaulted as we felt while we were there, we loved it and look forward to going back. But the love took a while to set in. It's definitely a challenge.

    And we had the same reaction to the intrusive (by Western standards) questions, at one point turning down a dinner invitation because we didn't feel like being on the grill along with the kufta.

  2. I love that..."I can assure you that I'm innocent." Enjoy the sights and sounds and most importantly, the smells. I will NEVER forget the SMELLS. But I agree with Jason, they are all part of the story, one that will be appreciated at a later date, over a glass of wine or at a cocktail party or reminiscing with each other when you return. There aren't a lot of places like it. BEST OF LUCK IN DELHI!

  3. Good luck Guys! Jealous that you'll be hanging out with all the new Moms @ Svelte....


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