Monday, December 3, 2012

Kudos to Princess Mette-Marit

This story is too good not to share. I like the part about the clinic thinking she was the nanny!!! I like stories that show there are still good people in the world.

Norway princess, incognito, rushes to aid surrogate twins

Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit rushed to India on her own dime in October to help care, incognito, for twins delivered by a surrogate until their parents, a Norwegian gay couple, could arrive, the palace said Monday.
Mette-Marit flew to New Delhi to help care for the babies until their parents -- a male couple who are friends of the princess and her husband Crown Prince Haakon -- could resolve a visa delay.
During her stay at the clinic with the newborns, the 39-year-old royal, often praised for her modern ways, went unrecognised. According to Norwegian media, medical staff thought the blonde woman was a nanny.
The princess, a commoner who was a single mother until she married Haakon in 2001, said she did not want to get involved in the debate over surrogate mothers, a practice prohibited in Norway.
"Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in a difficult situation where there are few, or no, good solutions. In those situations you have to make difficult choices even if it sometimes comes at a price," she said on the palace's website.
"An important debate is taking place in society about the issue of children brought to the world by surrogates. In my eyes, this was not a contribution to the debate. For me, this was simply about helping two newborns, who were alone in the world, because I could," she said.
While the practice is illegal in otherwise liberal Norway, the former national chief of police Oeystein Maeland recently had a child with his male partner through a surrogate in the United States.


  1. Great story--thanks for sharing!

  2. These types of stories restore faith in humankind. Good on her for stepping in and assisting during her friend s and their newborns time of need.

    1. What a great friend, and story! Had to read it twice as it's so lovely.

  3. That is lovely, made me wonder if Will or Kate would go look after our baby if it were born tomorrow, since we are having visa issues....x

  4. That's freaking awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  5. That is awesome, I bet in america that would never happen I keep getting told we are so free, and I keep saying most are free but I am still a 2nd class citizen until I can marry my parnet. But awesome story

  6. Great story! Thanks for sharing it

  7. ahh super story, what fab friends!

  8. This is a wonderful story!!! I had not heard about it anywhere, and thank you for sharing!!!


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