Sunday, November 25, 2012

Baby Name Obsession

As the days quickly pass by and the upcoming trip to India becomes increasingly more imminent, I've delayed packing and am focusing my attention on my most recent obsession: baby names. It's certainly not an easy decision. The babies will carry these names for their entire lives - this can't be a flippant decision. Since Ruben's family is from Puerto Rico, he wants names that are easy for Spanish speakers to pronounce. At the same time, the names can't have so many vowels that my family can't pronounce them either. For awhile, we thought we had settled on the perfect names. They sound great on a resume and aren't crazy like Gwyneth Paltrow's baby "Apple" or Beyonce's "Blue Ivy." I mean really, even if both of these kids went to Oxford or Harvard, would you really hire them for a job? Apple? Next... Then I started "googling" and found that all four names we picked (2 boy names and 2 girl names) were all in the top 10 baby names this year. Maybe it's back to the drawing board...


  1. It's hard to pick names...and until they are with us even harder to know if they suit a name. I am sure you will make some great decisions for your 2 little ones....see you soon xxx mel and andrew

  2. Picking four names that you love all the same is sooo hard! But soooo fun! Thankful that we have this opportunity to have the same problem :)

  3. LOL. That's exactly what happened to me with girl names. And I didn't think I was picking current common names at all! I think 4 out of the top 10 were on the list. Actually they may have even been the top 5. UGH.

    WTH??? Back to the drawing board indeed.

    1. Two of my names are on your list!!!

    2. Were you like me and thought "these are so pretty and NO ONE uses them anymore." I pulled them from an international list!

  4. LOL - I know two kids named Ava, three kids named Olivia, and three kids named Sophia. I am choosing Isabelle for my daughter only because she is named after a good friend of mine. Good luck with the name choice - I'm quite confident one boy and one girl name will stand out (albeit by just a little) for you when the time comes. PS - Does your state have a baby name registry online? The name may be a top 10 but perhaps not in your state.

  5. The best source for baby names is nameberry. If you search a name it will tell you just how popular it is on the SS registry of names. There are also lots of lists of names to search through. Best of luck!

  6. Picking names were easy. When we picked names we did not think about it being east for one group to say it. That dose not make since. My boyfreind is mexican and from there. The two names we picked were Elijah Dave, and Isabella Marie. Those are what we liked, what we wanted. Believe me parents and family from both sides haad there input but we did not listen to any of them as this is our baby. So what ever you pick is great because its your baby not theirs.

    1. Actually it does make sense for us. We plan to raise our children to be bilingual/bicultural and are taking that into consideration when choosing their names. Thanks for your tips.

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  8. dont forget about the initial test!
    below are some beautiful names but as initials go might not be so nice...
    Alicia Sarah Smith - ASS
    Peter Michael Stewart - PMS

  9. Love Little Britain! We aren't even preggers yet and we're doing the baby name debate. And yes, nameberry has come in handy! It so hard to decide... they are stuck with this name forever!

  10. I have a long list I keep adding too.
    I'm a fan of old school names and keeping the spelling correct.

    I'm also considering using a Hindi middle name to celebrate and remember the journey from India

    Here is my current list.


  11. My husband came up a great boys name. The first name is Swedish and uncommon in the US; the middle name is Indian. I'm fairly certain if we have a boy that he will never come across another person with his same name. Wait... maybe that's not a good thing.

    1. This can drive you nuts - finding the perfect balance between an uncommon name and a name not so common that 6 kids in their class will have. I've come up with a few more names but now we just have to agree on 2 which is another issue entirely!

  12. This rings so close to Hubby and I thought we finally had narrowed down our Son's top five name list.
    He was born one month early via emergency c I was suiting up to go into the delivery room the nurse asked us his name, I looked at Joel and said, since I'm going in for the pick.
    In my Husbands usual fashion he blurts out a name NOT on our list..... Lol, That's how Benjamin came into the world..
    Congratulations fellas!

  13. Yes the name game! Don't worry you will find exactly what you both love. We picked Italian names (my family also having a hard time to pronounce but hey most people now in florida are use to latin names....)Pick something you both love and it will work!

    1. Thanks Tracy! I can't wait for you guys to meet your newest patients!


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