Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shopping Mayhem

Today I decided to swing by the Babies 'R Us store and start browsing for baby things. After doing a few errands, I pulled up to the store to find hundreds of people outside with a huge sign out front: "Moving Sale - Everything 40% Off." First, I must admit I'm not much of a shopper. Actually neither Ruben nor I can be described as "brand queens." Just the other day I tossed one of Ruben's t-shirts in the trash that I'm pretty sure he has had since high school.

I was a little lost to say the least. Pregnant women were scurrying around the store like mad throwing all kinds of things in their carts while I was just trying to figure out what everything was and what I really needed. After 2 meltdowns and circling the store about 7 times, I had had enough. This whole experience reminded me of the annual Filene's Basement wedding dress sale.

I have no idea what I bought. I had to put two little outfits back that said "mommy loves me" - not sure how they ended up in my cart. I remember buying 2 mattresses for the cribs, a digital thermometer and a stuffed monkey. The rest of the stuff is still in the back of the truck. I think the rest of the shopping I will do on line.

It was something like this, except all of the women were pregnant and I was wondering around like a fish out of water:


  1. Haha how funny! I'm worried about shopping actually .... I may tell shop workers that we are adopting a baby though then they'll be baffled why we don't know the sex! Oh my....x

  2. Babies R Us - especially during sales - is not for the weak. It is overwhelming. By now I think I know how to navigate the store, but in the beginning you need a a sherpa!

  3. I've been going right when it opens. Usually the salespeople are free and can help, but it has been helpful to go with a list otherwise I can buy everything. For us its been lots of white onesies, undershits, rompers, receiving blankets and miracle swaddlers and stuff for India (sterilizer, cocoons). I've done about 4 or 5 trips and we still have one more on saturday and then hopefully we will be done until we come back from India

  4. I cannot stop laughing having read your post! I can just imagine everyone in there running around like chooks without heads! Well done for keeping your cool and getting out of there. I havent bought a digital thermometer...thank you I need to!! Take care

  5. Oh dear - this made my skin crawl!

    I HATE shopping, but what's worse - Morgan always did too, yet now that baby is on the way he's gotten hit by the bug. We've been to Babies 'R' Us just WAY too many times, and I'm convinced that it's more taxing than worrying about the pregnancy!! That's why there's the internets... :-)

    Hang in there!

  6. I know how you guys feel I did the same thing


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