Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nanny Interview Questions

As we get closer and closer to the pending arrival of our babies, the to do list is getting longer and longer. We've started thinking about getting a nanny or someone to come in maybe one or two days a week to help out with the babies and do light housework. A friend of a friend of a friend has recommended someone, so we may be interviewing her soon. What kind of questions can I ask to make sure she isn't a psycho killer? I've been googling this topic and these are the questions I've come up with. Spanish is her first language - this is important to us as we want them to be bilingual - so some questions may be lost in translation but we'll give it a shot:

On a scale of 1 to 10, how weird are you? 
How would you describe an atom to my newborn twins?
Who is more responsible for original sin, Adam or Eve?
If a train leaves Los Angeles bound for Honolulu at 1:20 pm carrying 300 passengers, what time does flight 286 from Brooklyn land in New York City?
For the next 10 minutes, I will remain silent. Entertain me.
We will be giving you a Christmas bonus every year. Would you prefer ice cream or candy?
We like to let our babies scream for hours while we watch TV and drink martinis. Is this fine with you?
I do not think I am qualified to lead this interview. Actually it has become quite boring. What is your opinion?


  1. We're not martini drinkers. We wanted a nanny who makes good margaritas. Just saying you can alter the questions slightly to fit your needs. ;-)

  2. You two are so FUNNY!!!!! I am still laughing

  3. I asked our nanny to provide a list of the various restraints she will use to keep the babies still and compliant

  4. I really liked the one where you say entertain me, reminds me a little of some primary school teacher interiviews I've been in, will really assess whether they can talk to in a soft voice/sing/entertain your little ones x

  5. Exciting to be interviewing nannies...but not so fun to interview them (or scare them off!..LOL). Congrats guys you're in the last trimester!

  6. ROFL.....too funny......maybe also include something like......What sorts of perks are you looking for in this job?....we can promise baby spew, technicolour nappies.....see you soon xxxx

  7. I'm going to go with the ever popular InfoTech answer for each question:
    It depends...

    Did I pass?

  8. I can tell you that with those questions, you are sure to find the PERFECT nanny. One with a sense of humor, a smile and a kid like personality:) Btw, mine loves to watch Real Housewives of NJ with me if I come home for lunch. I consider this a huge plus-- just sayin'.

  9. lol you guys are too funny! what a great place to be, not long now! happy interviewing guys x


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