Friday, August 3, 2012

Baby Practice

Every year at about this time, it seems that half of the island of Puerto Rico descends on my house, turning it into a bed and breakfast for Ruben's family. We do enjoy the visits, but they can be exhausting after several weeks. The other night at about 2 am I got up to have a bowl of cereal (one of my bad habits). As I crawled back into the bed, I asked Ruben, "Who's that woman sleeping on the floor in the living room?" "Oh she's my cousin's godmother's sister," he said. I guess most would flinch but I've gotten used to it...

Part of the posse this year is Ruben's nephew, born on my birthday and now about 6 months old. He's a handsome little fella and providing us much needed practice in all things "baby." Tonight just might be the night I attempt my first diaper change!

Taken right before a major spit up landed all
over my iPhone.
I was told to get used to this!
Feed me Tio Ruben.


  1. Awwww this looks good on you two. Enjoy the practice run

  2. Hope you enjoyed yourselves, you look like complete naturals. :) x

  3. I was thinking the same naturals. :)

  4. Delay the first diaper change as long as possible. You don't need practice at all :)

  5. OMG-I laughed out loud at "who's the woman sleeping on the floor"...that's hilarious!

  6. Definite naturals!!! Best wishes!!!


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