Sunday, March 4, 2012

An Insane First Baby Purchase

I would imagine most people's first baby purchase is something practical - maybe a crib or bassinet or even some baby clothes. Ruben and I have found ourselves wondering through baby stores in amazement at all the really cool baby items available nowadays - but we've never even thought of purchasing something yet.  The practical side of me says wait until about 6 months into this whole thing before even considering it. We haven't even made our first trip to India yet! So much to my amazement, I came home from the gym today to find this:

What the heck is this? Well Ruben found one of our neighbors was having a yard sale. He couldn't resist buying this cart/contraption that hooks onto the back of the bicycle. He plans to pull our little toddler to the beach in this - at least that's what he says. I couldn't help but shake my head "Do we really need this?"


  1. I LOVE it! And I believe the question is: Do we deserve this? Um, absolutely! Isn't this baby shopping stuff so much fun!!!

  2. I think it is awesome! And you got a good deal on it. Nothing like teaching your kids health and fitness from an early age ! I have resisted buying anything as I feel I should wait until 6 months but I am so tempted!!!! Especially any baby bargains. I love your blog so funny!

  3. youguys are like me, i am trying so hard not to buy things, I dont make my first trip until May 5th, and I figure ill make my first purchaes in September when I know its all going well. I know your feeling


  4. That's fantastic! I want one...but I want to kids to tow me around.
    Seriously, talk about putting the cart before the baby! But awesome nonetheless.

  5. I think that's a great purchase. "A cycling we will go, a cycling we will go ...." LOL.

  6. This is SO much more fun than a bassinet...


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