Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So yesterday I panicked and bought a full fare airline ticket from Delhi to London. Since I work for a major airline, I travel for "virtually" nothing. I haven't bought a full fare ticket since 1996. Indeed, this is probably the best benefit about my job. Yesterday I panicked. Delhi is notorious for being extremely difficult to fly out of standby. A co-worker was there last year in February and was told to try back in June - there "might" be seats available then. The flights going over look ok in April but coming out they are starting to fill up... I couldn't handle the stress of being stuck in Delhi for days on end wondering if, when and how we would get out. British Airways had good fares so I broke down and bought 2 one-way tickets to London. Ruben says "forget about it - we're buying peace of mind." Regardless, this is how I will feel if there's an open seat on that flight to London...


  1. Haha! This picture is priceless!

    Ouch. I'm sure that hurt. As a business owner, I can feel your pain. Buying a product you can easily get for free is rough.

    I agree with Ruben. You've purchased peace of mind. It's done.

  2. Get ready for the wild ride. I have been going at this for 4 months now, and I leave to go over to india in May to leave me behine and have them fertilize my donor eggs. If all goes well I will have a baby in January of 2013. Today I just got my Visa which was hard as hell, I had to send them so much paperwork. as some people said to do a tourist visa, I know someone that got deported for not being on a medical visa, and lied as to why they were there, no thanks.

  3. I love your sense of humour and that photo is a hoot! You have thrown so much time, money, thought and effort into this journey already and as we all know how little control we have over this situation, at least you have control over your flights. It's a really good idea.

  4. Good luck !!!! The pic at the end cracked me up!!!! Wishing u every success!!

  5. Congratulations on the start of your adventure. Relish each and every moment that sits in front of you. You'll need to remember all the details to share with your kid(s) some day! Best of luck!


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