Monday, December 10, 2012

What Happened to October and November?

These two months seemed to have disappeared and I need them back! Tomorrow morning we leave for New York. We plan to spend the night in the city and will leave on Wednesday afternoon for Delhi. As hard as I tried to be organized and have everything ready, I'm going crazy packing and buying last minute things I forgot to pack. We are super excited nonetheless. So far, so good...

Who knew 2 babies needed so much stuff?
So far, I've packed the following:

2 Phil & Ted's cocoons
2 Baby Bjorn carriers
2 newborn inserts for carriers
Diaper Bag
410 diapers (preemie and newborn)
20 burp cloths
12 blankets
22 bottles
6 pacifiers
Electric bottle sterilizer
Diaper cream/diaper rash ointment
800 baby wipes
small trash bags (some hotels don't put them in rooms)
hand sanitizer
Thermometer and grooming kit
nasal aspirator
clothes - 20 onesies (short and long sleeves), 4 night gowns, t-shirts, socks, 6 caps, mittens, 4 sleep & plays, 8 bodysuits
6 swaddler wraps
1 bottle of champagne

I don't think I have space for our own clothes!

In the meantime, my house has become a mini baby store:

 The dogs like the City Select stroller, my favorite toy of all!

 I'm being told I need to stop wasting time on the computer and start packing! Next stop, Delhi!!!


  1. I cannot believe that you're going back already?! I swear you were just there! Very very exciting times. Looking forward to the Delhi postings. Much love from Baltimore.

  2. Wow, best of luck! Looking forward to your new update. :)

  3. Happy and safe travels...we hope to see you guys there soon too. We should have been on our flight now as we speak but have decided to delay our flight until Jan 2nd as our babies are very undersized and now are 5 weeks was a heart-breaking decision to make ...but yeah anyway best of luck for the safe arrival of your little ones!!

  4. good luck. My suggestions: thermos for hot water (to mix formula with) and electric tea kettle if hotel doesn't provide; premie size onsies and body suits; make sure bottle sterilizer works in India, ours didn't, even with converter; i'd bring some formula, if you want to switch to a specific US brand like Similac Sensitive, some ready made 2oz formula with disposable nipples for travel (we bought a 50 case and used it all)--otherwise your list looks great!

  5. You are getting the best Christmas presents EVER! Have fun!

  6. wow lots of shopping, love your stroller, safe travels guys, look forward to your updates from India!

  7. So excited for you both - safe travels!!

  8. I'm really happy for you guys:-)!!!

    Have fun in New York. I wish I still lived there so I could show you around town!

    Next stop - Baby Time!!! :-) WooHoo!

  9. WOW guys I am so happy for you. This is your time, the time of your life, the one thing you been waiting for the most. I will be waiting for you posting telling us about your wonderful twins. A Month from tomorrow the 12th Is the start of my due date span I cant wait.

  10. Safe flight boys, will likely see you both in Delhi in the next few weeks!

  11. Greetings from Orlando . Have a safe trip . Best wishes and many prays for a safe birth of your babies and a safe trip back home to fl . Happy Holidays guys .

  12. Good luck. Can't wait for the good news. And FYI, pacifiers have a way of disappearing. You might need a few more than six. We lose them constantly.

  13. Looking forward to catching up with you in Delhi and introducing you to our babies :)
    See you soon!


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